Why BlackBerry is on the rise again

BlackBerry is on the rise again after it has failed miserably in the smartphone market. Their demise has been a long one in the making. Apple changed the smartphone market with their touch screens. Although BlackBerry actually continued to grow for around two years after the iPhone launched in June 2007, taking market share away from then-leader Nokia. BlackBerry’s market share among all smartphone operating systems grew from 9% in 2007, to 20% in 2009, according to Gartner. Then, the decline started. Now their market share has dropped to 0%, but this was inevitable because BlackBerry sold the global rights to future BlackBerry-branded smartphones to Chinese company TCL Communication.

So what are BlackBerry’s plans for the future?

CEO John Chen took over in november 2013 and has made some real changes to it’s business model.

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