Is now the right time to invest in steel?

Moderate growth in steel demand expected in 2018

According to the World Steel Association global steel demand will reach 1,648.1 Mt. in 2018. Worldsteel forecasts that global steel demand excluding China will reach 882.4 Mt, an increase of 3.0% in 2018.

In October 2017 Mr T.V. Narendran, Chairman of the worldsteel Economics Committee commented, “progress in the global steel market this year to date has been encouraging. We have seen the cyclical upturn broadening and firming throughout the year, leading to better than expected performances for both developed and developing economies, although the MENA region and Turkey have been an exception.

Steel demand 2017-2018

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Why BlackBerry is on the rise again

BlackBerry is on the rise again after it has failed miserably in the smartphone market. Their demise has been a long one in the making. Apple changed the smartphone market with their touch screens. Although BlackBerry actually continued to grow for around two years after the iPhone launched in June 2007, taking market share away from then-leader Nokia. BlackBerry’s market share among all smartphone operating systems grew from 9% in 2007, to 20% in 2009, according to Gartner. Then, the decline started. Now their market share has dropped to 0%, but this was inevitable because BlackBerry sold the global rights to future BlackBerry-branded smartphones to Chinese company TCL Communication.

So what are BlackBerry’s plans for the future?

CEO John Chen took over in november 2013 and has made some real changes to it’s business model.

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Do you think all stocks are overvalued? Look further (into Russian stocks)

If you have been watching the Dow Jones setting new all time highs and believe all stocks are overvalued, then you are wrong. You might want to take a look into Russian stocks.

American and Russian stock market comparison

American stocks are indeed very expensive with a CAPE ratio (price relative to its past decade’s worth of average real earnings) of 29.  But if you look further, then you see that Russia has a CAPE ratio of 5.6 and a Price/earnings ratio of just 8. This means Russian stocks are your best buy if you just look to the financials.

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My advice for beginning investors

This article is going to be about how I started investing and will warn you about my mistakes. I will also share my advice on how to get started.

Investing definition

The definition of investing is to “put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.”

So it’s all about how you put your hard earned money to work, to acquire more money in the future. Starting with investing is really easy nowadays. You can open up an account within minutes, and the transaction fees are lower then ever!

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Why nuclear energy is the future

This article will be about why NOW is the time to invest in Nuclear Energy and Uranium.

Energy will always be a good investment, because the usage will keep increasing. This is especially true for developing countries as their populations and standards of living increase.

worlds electricity consumption
electricity consumption

The challenge many nations’ utility companies face in meeting future demand is how to economically increase ‘baseload electricity outputs’* in ways that minimize environmental impacts. Reducing CO2 emissions through low-carbon sources of electricity is widely considered to be essential in combating global warming.

* The amount of electricity required to provide stable, day to day electrical needs for a utilities’ customers basic needs that is not used in response to weather conditions (ie: heating and cooling) 

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My view on Bitcoin and other cryptos

BTC logo

Well, as a finance blogger, I should write some articles about what keeps people busy at the moment. And for a couple of weeks now, bitcoin is all over the news again because of the rapid price increases and the huge volatility.

I guess most of you have read a lot of stuff about crypto currencies already, but here is a nice explanation of btc, and the blockchain technology: .

Furthermore, the big bang theory made an episode about bitcoin (link: s11e9). The moral of this episode is quite familiar to me. (I knew bitcoin when it was worth barely anything, and couldn’t find them on my old laptop anymore..).

So now you have read some stuff about bitcoin, I will just share my thoughts about it.

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