Why nuclear energy is the future

This article will be about why NOW is the time to invest in Nuclear Energy and Uranium.

Energy will always be a good investment, because the usage will keep increasing. This is especially true for developing countries as their populations and standards of living increase.

worlds electricity consumption
electricity consumption

The challenge many nations’ utility companies face in meeting future demand is how to economically increase ‘baseload electricity outputs’* in ways that minimize environmental impacts. Reducing CO2 emissions through low-carbon sources of electricity is widely considered to be essential in combating global warming.

* The amount of electricity required to provide stable, day to day electrical needs for a utilities’ customers basic needs that is not used in response to weather conditions (ie: heating and cooling) 

Why nuclear energy will outperform

Uranium-fueled electricical generating plants reduce consumption of limited fossil fuel reserves and help assure cleaner air. About 20% of electricity in the US comes from uranium fuel. Uranium is also capable of releasing way more energy than carbon. A small pallet of approximately o.24 ounce of uranium can generate the equivalent amount of energy as three barrels of oil, 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, or 2,000 pounds of coal.

Wind and solar energy don’t come close to this amount of energy production (and therefore rely on subsidies). They can’t produce a constant flow of energy either, which is heavy on the country’s infrastructure.

Nuclear fuel has a bad image, because of all the fear mongering by movies and activistst. And because of the Fukushima accident. However more people die because of air pollution caused by coal plants.

In believe that in the nearby future, environmentalists will also wake up and see that nuclear energy is the only economically viable  and clean source of energy that will be needed in the near future. (like Energypost.eu)

Uranium prices are low; good moment to invest

Uranium prices are really low at the moment, so uranium mining isn’t really profitable at the moment. This means most uranium producers have gone bankrupt (about 96%). And that is why I guess uranium prices will increase in the future. The supply will go down and the demand will go up for the coming period.

Cameco (one of the largest uranium producers) just laid off 850 employees, so I guess that will create the bottom for this market. I believe over the years uranium will become popular again. It just has to improve its image.




One day after this article comeco went up by approximately 13 percent, probably beginners luck 😉

cameco share price

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